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Useful Links


Please use the links below to access some of our favourite web pages.

If you have any favourites of your own then feel free to send them to us using the form at the bottom of the page   (an online revision tool that we subscribe to as a school. All children should know their username and password.)  (a website often used in school to locate online learning resources quickly)   (find out how to stay safe on the internet)  (find out about your school lunches and have fun playing some games)  (have fun increasing your typing speed)  (online editing tool used in Y3)  (online photo editing tool used in Y4)   (computer programming software used in Y4, Y6 and the ICT club. Free to download)  (computer programming software used in Y5 and Y6. Free to download)   (record your views of Clowne Junior School)

Audacity download (A free sound editing tool)

Make a healthy sandwich

Design your own Sari

Rickshaw Jam

Run your own hotel

Great grub club  – choose the times table then enter your e mail address in the box beside “launch” – when you click launch Percy will help you learn your times tables.

Links for Y4 History topic (Vikings and Anglo Saxons)  – An estimating angles game.  – Word cloud creator








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