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Clowning Around

Year 5 have been writing nonsense poems. Leave your comments to let us know what you think of them.

All comments will be moderated before going live.

2 Thoughts on “Clowning Around

  1. The Happy Hippos

    The hippos are happy and smile all day,
    You’ll love them so in every way,
    They walk and talk, just like us,
    And you’ll never guess what,
    They travel by bus.

    There are builders, stylists, teachers too,
    They’re also friends with horses that moo,
    They wear dresses, skirts and more,
    But wearing stilettos makes their feet sore.

    They fly on unicorns that are fluffy and pink,
    But their eyes stay open, they do not blink,
    The unicorn will soar through the sky,
    The hippo will fall, let’s hope it can fly.

    The hippos love you if you treat them right,
    Go on, sit next to one, it will not bite,
    They are friendly to you and I,
    Look up, there’s a hippo in the sky!

  2. The Giant Balloon at Sea

    One day the world’s largest balloon was made
    And some said it could be lived in,
    Then two people stole it
    And said it was theirs
    So those people got the full glory.

    They both lived in Chocoland
    Near a giant chocolate sea,
    They got into the balloon,
    flew up to the sky
    And they said it was like a dream.

    They flew over the whole of this sea of sweetness
    And ate all the sugary clouds as they went by,
    So this was the story
    Of the gigantic balloon
    That was stolen and took to the sky!

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