Clowne Junior                                                          School

Spiritual, moral, social & cultural development




At Clowne Junior School we believe that SMSC is all about developing the whole child through a range of well-structured and well- planned:

  • Spiritual
  • Moral
  • Social
  • Cultural activities

To do this, we strive to create an environment which enables all children to grow and flourish. Through nurturing this environment and providing strong positive role-models, we want each child to become confident individuals who appreciate their own worth as well as that of others. We strive to create a safe place where it is okay to be yourself and it is okay to be different.

Via our SMSC provision we aim to equip all children with a robust ‘moral compass’ and give them with the skills they will need to be productive and happy citizens of future.


In Clowne Junior School we recognise that society is changing and rapidly too. We appreciate that multiculturalism is a key feature of British life, that continual life-long learning and retraining is a necessity for all our children and that many of the jobs our children will take up in years to come do not even currently exist. We need to ensure that each and every child is for prepared for adulthood and that they have the social, emotional and economic tools to forge productive and fruitful lives for both themselves and their children.


By providing robust and meaningful SMSC learning opportunities our aim is that our children will:

  • be happy and successful citizens of the 21st Century,
  • have high aspirations and reach their full potential,
  • have a strong moral compass & develop a sense of responsibility for their actions,
  • explore and develop their own values and beliefs,
  • have respect for British law and those institutions which uphold it,
  • develop a caring attitude towards others regardless of their background or culture,
  • recognise their own strengths and weaknesses and have high self-esteem,
  • reflect upon their own futures and will begin to ‘envisage’ where they want to be as an adult,
  • possess a ‘growth mind set’, believing that anything is possible if you work hard,
  • become independent, resourceful and resilient thinkers and learners,
  • develop a love of learning and see it as a continual ‘life-long’ journey,
  • be able to see how they fit into in the wider world and how they can ‘make a difference’,
  • appreciate their own cultural and social traditions and understand how Britain was formed and how it is continuing to grow and change,
  • show interest in the diversity other cultures and alternative ways of life,
  • celebrate difference and recognise the richness it brings,
  • have spiritual awareness,
  • begin to pose meaningful questions about life and go beyond the ‘superficial’,
  • enjoy and appreciate a diverse range of creative arts and be inspired and stimulated by them.

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