Clowne Junior                                                          School

About our school

Clowne is a small town in North-East Derbyshire near to Chesterfield and the Peak District. It has a population of 7448 people. It used to be a mining area, but now small factories are the only industries in the area. It is thought that the name Clown was originally a Celtic word “clunies”, meaning a marshy, wet area. Until 1927 the name was spelt without the “e” – Clown. It was changed to save the people having jokes made about them.
Our School

Clowne Junior School is a County Co-educational Junior School for children who are 7 to 11 years old. This year we have approximately 340 children on roll and our maximum intake is set at 80 pupils.


The current school building was opened in October 1984. The building has a Hall with permanent PE apparatus and is used for Assembly, PE and Drama. Adjacent to the Hall is the Dining Room which is also used occasionally as a classroom.


The school is built around a project area which is an open quadrangle. There are four teaching areas, each consisting of a classroom, two homebays and an open area. We also have a Library cum Resource area and changing rooms.


The school day

Pupils should not normally come to school before 8.40am. Supervision of the playground is available from this time.

8.50 am. – Begin the morning session.

10.00-10.15 am –  Morning break.

12:00-1.00 pm  – Lunch

3.10 pm –  End of afternoon session.

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