Curriculum Information Overview

The aim of our school curriculum is to enable us to deliver to all children our school aims and values and provide a broad, balanced and motivating experience.

We attach a very high priority to teaching and learning in the core subject areas of English, Mathematics, Science and ICT. We believe it is essential to equip all children with highly developed skills in reading, writing and calculating. Over the last decade school has refined teaching organisation and trialled a number of initiatives to ensure the best possible practice to achieve that aim. Literacy and Numeracy is taught almost exclusively during the mornings with specifically dedicated lessons for teaching of grammar and punctuation. Pupils are streamed and grouped according to ability and regular formal and informal assessments allow these groups to be flexible and provide a structure/organisation for effective teaching and learning. Recent year on year improvements in attainment at the end of Key Stage 2 in Reading, Writing and Mathematics support this view.
ICT/Computing is taught in progressed, discrete lessons across school to ensure that children have all the knowledge and skills to use technology to enhance their overall learning and to understand the use of technology in the wider community and world of work. In recent years school has invested heavily in ensuring that ICT hardware and resources meet the needs of our children. Our core resource is our 128 wireless laptops which are used not only for the teaching of  ICT/computing but also to supplement learning in all other curriculum areas.
Alongside the strong emphasis on fulfilling potential in core skills the other subjects of the National Curriculum are taught separately, often in a ‘team teaching’ or specialist teacher situation. The ‘foundation’ subjects of History, Geography, Religious Education, Design and Technology, Art, Music and P.E are generally taught as specific subjects. A wide and varied range of visits and visitors into school enhance and support the learning experience.

The learning experience is enhanced by a series of whole school themed weeks throughout the year. We run Health Promoting Week, Anti-Bullying week, Enterprise week, Charity week and Culture week. These weeks provide an intensive focus and enable high quality learning to take place. In recent years we have experimented with vertical streaming for these weeks, enabling the younger and older children in school to work collaboratively. These weeks are enjoyed by the children and gives us a fantastic opportunity to put a real ‘wow’ into learning.

Recent Government funding has enabled us to further enhance our extensive provision for teaching and engagement in P.E and sport. In addition to a commitment to high quality P.E teaching, we have a range of activities outside of the school day designed to motivate and engage pupils. Visits to sporting events i.e. Year 5 annual Sheffield Steelers Ice Hockey visits add to this experience.
We place a high value in personal and social growth of the pupils on the widest sense in order to foster the children’s developing awareness of themselves as individuals and of the way in which they relate to others. Developing inter-personal skills, building confidence and self-belief and positive empathy for others guides the development of our curriculum. Our university visits for Year 6 children, residential visits for every child in every year of school and other planned activities encourage leadership and taking of responsibility.

Our year group Team Leader systems ensures high quality planning, monitoring and delivery of teaching and learning. Curriculum coordinators are identified for all areas of the curriculum and a wide range of documents including policy statements and schemes of work support implementation. These documents are available by contacting Martin Edge, Headteacher.